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*~You Dug This Hole We Live In~*

--and buried me beneath your lies--

16 March
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And all I wanted was you
the linked desperation
leads to my death
i fall crying
taking one last breath

I hold out my hand
for you to grasp
I may die now
but, our love will last

I fall to the ground
Slowly losing life
The screeching hell below
cuts my heart like a knife

I close my eyes
wanting to give you one last kiss
my heart slows down
will i be missed?

The last words to leave my lips
dying and holding you
Were everything i lived for
"All I ever wanted was you"
by *~JENNY~*

...Love Me For Me...
will i ever get what i really want?

whisper to me, your thoughts, tell me what you're dreaming.. I want to feel you breathing..I want to taste your skin.. I want to never let go, of this feeling within...

don't hate..don't label.. im just jenny
**all original work Jenny Thompson

Jeff-- you're the most amazing person I have ever met, without you I really don't know where I'd be right now. You mean so much to me, don't ever let go of that. "how does it feel to know you're everything i need?? the butterflies in my stomach, they could bring me to my knees."